List IP Addresses for a Computer

Returns the IP address for each IP-enabled network adapter installed in a computer.

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  • Hey Scripting Guys
    3 Posts | Last post April 28, 2011
    • Hello, i'm experiencing trouble to get ip from WMI, maybe can you help me...
      When i take this part of code in a vbs it work fine but when i put it in my script i've got an error at the line 110 (the first letter of For Each IPConfig in IPAddress...)
      can you help me please?
    • Hi everyone,
      unfortunately this is not working for VPN/RAS connections via PPP adapter  :-(
      Where ipconfig lists the IP for the PPP adapter, it looks like this is not available within Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration ...
      Any hint?
    • sorry, forgot to mention WIN7 Enterprise Edition 32bit