Report Exchange Server 2007 Client Access Licenses (CALs)

PowerShell script to Report Exchange Server 2007 Client Access Licenses (CALs)

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  • Default ActiveSync Policies apparently require Enterprise CALs
    1 Posts | Last post August 26, 2009
    • The default ActiveSync policy has the following two settings to True:
      The default settings can be read about further at:
      Is the script correct for these settings?  If so, Microsoft needs to change the default ActiveSync policy to have these items disabled.  The default policy that gets created should NOT require Enterprise CALs.  This means that most people that have implemented ActiveSync probably have unknowingly violated the Enterprise CAL.  If this was done as a tactic to get people to pay for Enterprise CALs, it is a really bad idea.  I'm hoping that the script is incorrect or that an update to the product will address the default settings to not require Enterprise CALs.  I'm on Exchange 2007 SP1.  SP2 just came out, so I don't know if the defaults would have changed or not, but I doubt it.