Write Print Server Information to an Excel Spreadsheet

Retrieves print server information and then writes the returned data to an Excel spreadsheet.

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  • Script works Beautil!
    2 Posts | Last post May 25, 2011
    • Saved us alot of work!  Thank you so much.  The script is missing a closing quotation mark around Printer Listing on last line of code.  I added that and worked Beautifully!
      I have some confusion about the other discussions.  Copy the code into notepad, add the missing " mark, save filename.vbs and double click to Run!  The script will prompt for name of print server and enter path where to save the file.  Thats It!
    • Hi Brian,
      I tried using this as you have mentioned. But it gives me a VBScript Compilation error.
      Error: Invalid Character
      Code: 800A0408
      Line: 1
      Char: 1
      Can you please help me what the exact problem is. I had a look at the script & everything seems to be good then no idea whay it's showing this error.
  • could anybody tell me about this code
    3 Posts | Last post July 14, 2010
    • that how to use it. means where it should be placed,& how to execute it.As, there are a lot of codes available here,but unfortunately i didn't know steps of there usage.
    • Same issue I have, I want to custmoize it to point to XYZ server for example
    • Has anyone been able to run this against a windows 2000 print server? I can run it against a win2k3 machine, but get and error 0x80041010 when it hits the following lines on windows 2000. Appreciate any help you may have.
      For Each objPort in colPorts
      strPorts.add objPort.Name, objPort.HostAddress
      strPortNum.add objPort.Name, objPort.PortNumber