WSUS: Server Status Summary for All Computers and Updates

Provides overall server status counts for a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server, presenting information shown at the “Update Services” node of the WSUS console for a spec

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Windows Update
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  • Output data
    1 Posts | Last post April 12, 2010
    • Cool script; runs like a charm.  But the data that I get from the script doesn't match up to the WSUS console; I imagine the data in the console is dynamic, but there is quite a gap in numbers for some columns!  
      Also, I am able to match up all column labels except for "UpdatesUpToDate":
      TotalComputers = compilation of all categories of "All Computers" in the Computers Overview.
      TotalUpdates = compilation of all categories of "All Updates" in the Updates Overview.
      ComputerTargetsUpToDate = "Computers installed/not applicable".
      ComputerTargetsNeedingUpdates = "Computers needing updates".
      ComputerTargetsWithErrors = "Computers with errors".
      UpdatesUpToDate = ?
      UpdatesNeededByComputers = "Updates needed by computers".
      UpdatesWithClientErrors = "Updates with errors".
      Is this correct, or am I oversimplifying?  If someone could clarify what UpdatesUpToDate means, I'd appreciate it.