This is a simple script that will query a list of remote computers for installed applications and write that list to the console with the machine name beside each one

With very little modification, and elimination of the second loop, you could it to target a computer to determine if a PARTICULAR application has been installed


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# Original posting on how to access a remote Registry from The Powershell Guy 
# This script will Query the Uninstall Key on a computer specified in $computername and list the applications installed there 
# $Branch contains the branch of the registry being accessed 
#  ' 

# format of Computerlist.csv 
# Line 1 - NameOfComputer 
# Line 2 etcetc etc etc etc An Actual name of a computer 

$COMPUTERS=IMPORT-CSV C:\Powershell\Computerlist.csv 


# Branch of the Registry 

# Main Sub Branch you need to open 


# Drill through each key from the list and pull out the value of 
# “DisplayName” – Write to the Host console the name of the computer 
# with the application beside it

Foreach ($key in $subkeys) 
    WRITE-HOST $computername, $Value


# Note – With very little modification (by killing the loop) you could modify 
# this script to query a remote machine for a SPECIFIC application