Migrate Printers

Remaps printers to a new print server.

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  • Script
    1 Posts | Last post October 27, 2014
    • Hello, 
      I tried running the script I keep getting "could not map default printer." 
      "default is set" and "finished with printers", but nothing happens on test PC. 
      Tried another way and is comes up with "can't connect to \\muafile"
      when I make the server lower case
      'If any printer on the user's PC has a path other than the old server 
      'nothing will happen. 
      strPrintServerOld = "\\muaserver1"  "error when in lower case"
      strPrintServerNew = "\\muafile"     "does nothing in caps"
        'If the old server was in all Capital letters change it to small letters 
        If objPrinter.ServerName = "\\OLDSERVER"  Then 
          objPrinter.ServerName = "\\oldserver" 
        End if 
      please help
      trying to move from mauser1 to muafile.