Returns a list of software that was installed on a computer using Windows Installer. This information is then written to a text file.

This script was tested using Object REXX 2.1.0 for Microsoft Windows, available from IBM.

Object REXX
strComputer = "."
objWMIService = .OLEObject~GetObject("winmgmts:\\"||strComputer||"\root\CIMV2")
do objItem over objWMIService~ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_Product")
    say "Caption:" objItem~Caption
    say "Description:" objItem~Description
    say "Identifying Number:" objItem~IdentifyingNumber
    say "Install Date:" objItem~InstallDate
    say "Install Date 2:" objItem~InstallDate2
    say "Install Location:" objItem~InstallLocation
    say "Install State:" objItem~InstallState
    say "Name:" objItem~Name
    say "Package Cache:" objItem~PackageCache
    say "SKU Number:" objItem~SKUNumber
    say "Vendor:" objItem~Vendor
    say "Version:" objItem~Version