Increase Replica and Recovery Point Volume Sizes

Running the following Windows PowerShell script as a scheduled task enables you to automatically increase replica and recovery point storage volume sizes, and in turn, helps meet

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  • Replica and RP Volume growth
    1 Posts | Last post August 06, 2013
    • Can I get a script that does this same thing but instead of a constant it grows by a percentage like 20% or something of that nature...
      something like this?
      $replicaFixedIncrease = $false
      $scFixedIncrease = $false
      if (!$replicaIncreaseRatio) {
      	if(!$replicaIncreaseSize) {
      		$replicaIncreaseRatio = 1.2
      	else {
      if (!$scIncreaseRatio) {
      	if(!$scIncreaseSize) {
      		$scIncreaseRatio = 1.2
      	else {
      Just not sure how to implement it in the current script
  • Top of script table
    2 Posts | Last post November 27, 2009
    • The top of script table says VBSCRIPT.
    • And also watch for unwanted newlines in the foreach statements like:
      "Set-DatasourceDiskAllocation -Manual -Datasource $ds -ProtectionGroup $MPG -ReplicaArea 
      This will end up the script running fine in normal situations but when it has to work it end with errors because the command isn't finished. 
      It is a pitty that newline is used as end of statement character in powershell.