****Updated to include feed for TechEd EU 2014 *****

New version comking soon that will allow for editing of the list of events.


Microsoft publishes most sessions from its major events online The sessions are available on Channel9.

This script will allow you to download content from the Channel9 site, you can choose to download slides, videos or both.


The script uses WinForms to allow you to select which "event" you want, and further select which catergories you want to download. The video files will be downloaded in mp4 high quality.


Script inspired by script by Peter Schmidt Exchange MVP (http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/All-Videos-and-Slides-from-65ce242b) which in turn was inspired by Vlad Catrinescu (http://absolute-sharepoint.com) who made a script for the SharePoint Conf 2014. 



Remember to unblock the file after it has been downloaded


It might take a little while for the BITS download to begin usually 30-60 seconds, so do not be alarmed if it takes a little time  :)




Found an error where some sessions had charachters not allowerd to be saved to the filesystem, fixed by replacing all illegal chars with a whitespace.


Added the option to download per speaker as well as category

Fixed a bug, where pagination of the links weren't handled correctly.

Minor performance tweaks.


Added an filtering option to make it easier to select specific categories & authors