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Using our All-in-One PowerShell script, you can connect to all Office 365 Services using a single cmdlet. It supports both MFA and non-MFA account
-Exchange Online
-Azure AD
-SharePoint Online
-Skype for Business Online
-Security & Compliance Center
5 Star
Updated 10/17/2019
Released 10/5/2019
Jos Lieben
This script maps your Onedrive / Sharepoint / Teams document libraries to driveletters (or shortcuts). It can be used in any environment (VDI, RemoteApp, w10 etc).
4.6 Star
Updated 2/3/2019
Released 4/16/2015
To Improve the Server Maintenance  and Operations. on regular basis to collect the Perforamce parameters for future analysis and understanding and upgrade the system to next level. 
The script uploaded can be used to collect the information about % Processor Time, Available MByt
4.2 Star
Updated 10/7/2014
Released 9/18/2014
Get 750+ reports on Office 365 Users, License, MFA, Password Expiry, Group, Group Members, Security, Mailbox Usage, Spam, Malware, Emails Sent/Received, Mail Traffic, Active/Inactive Users, Mailbox Size/Quota, Yammer, Teams, Skype... No struggles with PowerShell anymore.
4.4 Star
Updated 4/28/2020
Released 5/18/2017
Edward van Biljon
As with the RTM release of SharePoint 2013, Sharepoint 2013 SP1 has alot of prerequisites. This includes server features and additional EXE files that need to be installed before SharePoint will proceed with the install.I created 2x scripts and 1x txt file, they are as follows:
4.9 Star
Updated 8/8/2014
Released 8/8/2014
Chris Goosen
A GUI script that simplifies the process of connecting to Office 365 services using remote PowerShell.
4.6 Star
Updated 1/31/2020
Released 10/15/2014
Giles Hamson
Microsoft is adding more products as well as redesigned icons to Office 365.  My work revolves around these products. I'm constantly in Visio & PowerPoint documenting approaches for solutions.

I hope you find these icons and stencil useful in your own work.
4.7 Star
Updated 3/5/2019
Released 3/5/2019
Terry Munro - 365Admin
Script with GUI based connection to all Office 365 services that support Modern Auth and MFA
- Exchange Online
- SharePoint Online
- Skype for Business Online
- Azure AD v1
- Azure AD v2
- Azure Resource Manager
- Azure Rights Manager
- Security and Compliance Center
4.8 Star
Updated 10/2/2017
Released 4/20/2017
Microsoft Enterprise Search Group
The SRx Core contains a suite of tests to aid with troubleshooting a SharePoint 2013 and 2016 on-premises search farm. This package surfaces complex diagnostics in standardized PowerShell reports. Operations staff can utilze SRx Core to check for farm health deficiencies.
4.9 Star
Updated 6/18/2019
Released 1/30/2016
Arleta Wanat
A short script to get a list of all site collections and their subsites, recursively. If you run it in ISE you can easily copy-paste the results and search through them.
5 Star
Updated 3/23/2020
Released 8/17/2015
amin, adnan
Attached powerShell script is very useful to get detail reports of all documents in a SharePoint Site Collection or site and sub sites. This script will list all document libraries which also system libraries(i.e. Master Page
Gallery, List Template Gallery, etc.).
4.7 Star
Updated 7/12/2017
Released 8/26/2014
Anthony Casillas
Some time back, in SP 2010 days, Brian Pendergrass and I wrote a “Search” collection script that collected some basic Farm info and Search Topology information. Since then we revised that script to adapt to the SP 2013, 2016 and 2019 Environments,
primarily for Search, in how i
5 Star
Updated 1/28/2020
Released 1/9/2019
Get 500+ out-of-the-box Office 365 auditing reports on Azure AD, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Secure Score, Security & Compliance. The smart auditing dashboards with summarized activities on each and every O365 apps.
4.4 Star
Updated 4/28/2020
Released 5/18/2017
This script generates a CSV report of all site permissions for a given sharepoint online site collection url. It includes permissions of subsites. Unless the permissions are broken subsite will have its parent web permissions. Prerequisites:SharePoint Client DLLs - would be avail
4.8 Star
Updated 3/30/2019
Released 2/14/2018
Aaron Guilmette
UPDATE: This script has been moved to the PowerShell Gallery.  All future updates will be posted at: if you wanted to find all of the sites that a user had access to view content?  Here's a handy little s
5 Star
Updated 4/22/2020
Released 7/10/2019
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