MP - SLP Health Check and Email Notification script

Full Post - I would like to share a very useful script to check the availability/functionally of Management Point (MP) and Server Locator Point (SLP) in a ConfigMgr environment.UsageSLP-MP Heal

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  • Software Policy ID
    1 Posts | Last post April 02, 2013
    • Hi An00p,
      I have read the toolkithelp.doc and couldn't find how to Use PolicySpy tool to find out any of the existing policy ID (SoftwarePolicyID).
      Could you please guide me through, 
  • looks like an error
    2 Posts | Last post January 16, 2012
    • Hi An00p, really great script, thank you so much.
      Please check on line 297, for me the "end if" has to be deleted.
      After that it worked perfectly and points me some red servers ^^
    • Thank you very Much !!! I've removed "End If".