Windows 10 Upgrade GUI is designed to provide administrators the ability to give users the power to run upgrades in their own time, being a welcoming user friendly experience.  This is designed to run prior and subsequently start a ConfigMgr\SCCM Upgrade Task Sequence.




The idea

The Process

User Runs GUI > GUI Run Checks > GUI Restarts Machine > Task Sequence Is Run


Feedback \ Bugs \ Future Features

There will undoubtedly be all three.

Should you have any feedback, good or bad, happen to find any bugs (I have no doubt there will be some), or can even just think of some great features to pack into v2, let me know!


Please do rate this if you have found it useful.  Thank you!



v1.3.3 | 24/07/2018 | BugFix: Final Restart button wasnt setting correct customisations on second click if time over 1 min.

v1.3.2 | 19/07/2018 | Numerous fixes to layout and wordings being cut off.  Final restart button no longer jumps around, and second click will restart straight away.

v1.3.1 | 31/05/2018 | RunTaskSequence.exe updated to fix "process was terminated due to an unhandled exception".

v1.3.0 | 22/05/2018 | Brand spanking new Exe's - Now with 0 False Flags.  Bug Fixes

v1.2.1 | 19/03/2018 | Network Check (Ethernet and/or Wifi), Dual Battery Support, Bug Fixes.

v1.2.0 | 12/03/2018 | Huge Update.  More Hardware Checks, Power\Battery, Supported Hardware Check, TopMost, Bitlocker, Condensed into single Settings.Config, Complete Rewrite of RunTaskSequence.exe, More shininess, Faster, Loads of Bugs squashed and loads of logging.

v1.0.5 | 13/12/2017 | Bug fixed with LegalText still applying despite config set to False

v1.0.4 | 11/12/2017 | TS Sample Updated, wrong path in step.

v1.0.3 | 10/12/2017 | Bug fixed with final Upgrade button duplicate clicks.

v1.0.2 | 08/12/2017 | Removed dev variables from Settings.Config

v1.0.1 | 08/12/2017 | Base


Known Bugs



Rich Mawdsley