Are you a security-aware person? Have you got a USB thumb drive or external hard drive you wish to use that does not have any built-in encryption features? You could turn it into one that does, with the cross-platform open-source alternative to BitLocker – TrueCrypt (succeeded by VeraCrypt) – but it is not as easy or intuitive to unlock or use as a purchased encrypted external storage solution in the market, because of its feature-rich nature; unlocking is done via an advanced user interface that is more meant for the technically inclined.

Solution – tCrypt2Go & vCrypt2Go to Simplify and Speed Up Drive Unlocking

Named after TrueCrypt and 'BitLocker To Go', tCrypt2Go – a set of open-source and cross-platform lock-and-unlock utilities on top of TrueCrypt enabling users to DIY their own encrypted USB thumb drive or hard disk which functions like a purchased encrypted external storage solution – simplifies the user experience of TrueCrypt Portable on removable media/external hard disks by hiding the complexities of TrueCrypt and its options from users, making it easy to lock and unlock an encrypted USB thumb drive or hard disk with as few steps as possible.

(Likewise, the same applies for the successor of TrueCrypt – VeraCrypt – after which vCrypt2Go is named.)

List of Features

(For limitations, refer to Technical Overview under List of Articles section.)

Seeing It in Action

As demonstrated, the goal of tCrypt2Go/vCrypt2Go is to make it seamless and convenient for users to secure and use their portable drive with the provided set of lock-and-unlock utilities. There will be no dialog shown to users other than entering the password for unlocking the protected area (which is a virtual disk file, or container, in the case of a USB thumb drive of removable media type as demonstrated below, or a partition in the case of an external hard disk of a fixed disk type). It works on Windows (stable) and Mac (beta) depending on which file system is chosen (FAT32, NTFS, exFAT) for formatting the protected partition.


Getting Started

If you are a user who has been offered a USB drive with tCrypt2Go or vCrypt2Go utilities and would like to use it, read the User Guide below to understand how to use it. Put simply, double-click 'unlock', enter password, done; to lock, double-click 'lock', done.

If you are looking for how to set up a drive for use with tCrypt2Go or vCrypt2Go, read one of the Installation Guides below. There are two options depending on whether you have a thumb drive or a hard disk.

To learn more about the technical details behind, read the Technical Overview below. Otherwise, feel free to skip to the Installation Guides to implement immediately.

List of Articles

GitHub Repositories

tCrypt2Go and vCrypt2Go GitHub repositories are available.


Apache License 2.0

Release History

Ver Date Update Description
2.1 20180302 Corrected Windows 64-bit executables to 32-bit for better compatibility
2.0 20180225 Added support for VeraCrypt. Change UAC elevation to HighestAvailable. First public release (Mac support is beta)
1.8 20130809 Improved error messages
1.7 20130624 Fixed a use for standard users under XP while TrueCrypt driver is installed - a bug introduced by new code
1.6 20130509 Added more meaningful error messages
1.5 20130320 Fixed an issue for non-admin users where TrueCrypt device driver is installed and UAC is enabled, a UAC prompt would be triggered but users cannot authenticate as they are not admins. They are now redirected to TrueCrypt installation prompt
1.4 20130118 Improved Mac and Windows executables. Checks for admin right and whether TrueCrypt is installed. Prompts user for TrueCrypt setup if required
1.3 20130117 Added hidden file support of Mac OS X
1.2 20121211 New version which uses AutoHotkey (for Windows)
20121105 Adds Mac OS X support using AppleScript and shell script
20121105 First private release using Windows batch script