xOU PowerShell Module (DSC Resource Kit)

The xOu module is a set of PowerShell DSC Resources provided by the ALM Rangers. This module contains the xAdOrganizationalUnit resource, which enables configuration of Active Directory Organizational Units (OU).

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Active Directory
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  • Bug on empty description handling
    1 Posts | Last post October 27, 2015
    • I found two small bugs from this module.
      Description field is not mandatory but if you don't specify value for it DSC will say on every run:
      "The OU "Test" exists but is not in the desired state..."
      update also fails to set empty description.
      To get detection work right you should change this line:
      Description = $ou.Description
      to this line:
      Description = if ($ou.Description) { $ou.Description } Else { "" }
      on Get-TargetResource function.
      To get empty description storing work right you should add line like this to row number 83 (just before Set-ADOrganizationalUnit command):
      If ($Description -eq "") {Remove-Variable Description}
      As a workaround you specify Description for all OUs.