You are Not Authorized to Perform that Operation: Notes Error Solved

There are permissions that guarantee security and privacy to any data. This ensures that no unknown user can access confidential information of a company without permission. There are enough restrictions in place to make sure that hackers cannot access and steal private files. In Notes database, there are Access Control List(ACL) which blocks users from accessing the database. If an individual does not have the correct right, it can cause an error. It will say something like, you are not authorized to perform this operation in Lotus Notes 8, 8.5, 9. It can occur due to other discrepancies such as corruption and other related factors. There are steps that can be undertaken to bypass local security and open the Notes storage facility(.nsf) file. These can be implemented by following precise instructions mentioned in this post. Follow them exactly to avoid data loss.

Reasons for Lotus Notes You Are Not Authorized to Perform this Operation

Listed here are some of the possible grounds for this error to occur in an IBM database:

Fix Error You Are Not Authorized to Perform that Operation Lotus Notes

Following are some of the steps that can be undertaken to remove this problem from company database:

Solution#1 Check for Existence of Mailbox in Database

Solution#2 Database on Another Server

Solution#3 Confirm Correct Permissions

These are some of the measures which can be undertaken to resolve this error.

Limitation of the Manual Process

Alternative to Remove IBM Notes Error Message

The professional opinion of an administrator is to go for 100% accurate tools that work efficiently. They do not look for unreliable methods to repair their company database. They go for best solutions such as the SysTools Mail Migration Wizard. It can perform multiple operations such as migrating NSF to Exchange, Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook. There are loads of features available to choose between mailbox items to transfer, apply a date-based filter and split PST file. There is another facility to exclude duplicate contacts by marking a box, optional to maintain folder hierarchy among others. The application is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or earlier ones.


The database of any company store secret files that cannot be shared among each employee. It is kept on secure servers in protection from prying eyes. These are confidential communications between client if leaked can cause company millions of dollars in a lawsuit. There can be some administrators who try to gain access to their database but cannot. They often receive an error saying ‘you are not authorized to perform that operation in Lotus Notes 9, 8.5 or 8. It can be a real hassle and trouble for the user. It is not a simple query and needs the expertise to fix. There are manual techniques to resolve this operation. There are other workarounds also available that can work just as well. Both have been described in this post. Read carefully and decide according to convenience and budget.