Powershell 'Map' utility to display drive information

This function, called 'Map', will report on all logical drives on the local or remote computer, in text format. 

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  • Odd Error on the "last" lines out output when I use this in my profile.
    1 Posts | Last post January 31, 2012
    • function DriveType($DriveCode) { 
          switch ($DriveCode) 
              { 0 {"Unknown"}  
              1 {"No root directory"}  
              2 {"Removable Disk"}  
              3 {"Local Disk"}  
              4 {"Network Drive"}  
              5 {"Compact Disk"}  
              6 {"RAM Disk"}  
              } # end switch 
          } # end function GetDriveType 
      function list-drivetype {
      Param (
      Get-WmiObject -Class win32_logicaldisk -ComputerName $strComputer | select DeviceID, VolumeName,`
          @{n='DriveType'; e={GetDriveType($_.driveType)}}, `
          @{n='Size';e={"{0:F2} GB" -f ($_.Size / 1gb)}}, `   
          @{n='FreeSpace';e={"{0:F2} GB" -f ($_.FreeSpace / 1gb)}} | Format-Table | Out-Default 
      Thats is what I "pasted" to my profile. Works great, but, one odd output, at the end. See that. 
      DeviceID   : X:
      VolumeName : ShadowCopyX_HOME3
      DriveType  :
      Size       : 75.00 GB
      Name                           Value
      ----                           -----
      n                              FreeSpace
      e                              "{0:F2} GB" -f ($_.FreeSpace / 1gb)
  • Error at the end of execution
    5 Posts | Last post November 10, 2011
    • out-lineoutput : The object of type "Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.Internal.Format.FormatStartData" is not valid or not in the correct sequence. This is likely caused by a user-specified "format-table" command which is conflicting with the default formatting.
          + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (:) [out-lineoutput], InvalidOperationException
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ConsoleLineOutputOutOfSequencePacket,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.OutLineOutputCommand
    • Worked for me on Win 7 SP1 with PS3 CTP1.  What OS/PS version are you using?
    • Hi Bryan, I can't imagine why you're getting that error.  It's just a simple Format-Table command.  Try it without the Format-Table, and check the results manually.
    • [1] Omit the Format-Table 
      [2] Append "|Out-String -s" after Format-Table.
      Should work 'consistantly' then.
    • Dave, why would that make it work consistently?